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« What to say of these few days? How to describe what's gone on when essential things have taken place. A complete and interesting development experience. A tremendous set of tools : each of us has them without knowing it. A point above myself; a departure point. »

M.K. Entrepreneur – Lorient – France

« The forthright way in which the BGGB method is written quickly tips you towards the other side of your being: He who scrutinises himself with enough honesty comes to know who he really is.

All issues raised in this booklet are paths and inspiration to help us discover our own authenticity, allowing us to live a peaceful existence.

Thank you to Bruno Gabriel for his original presentation. »

Gwenola Barbier-Vannetzel

« … Which brings me to thanks: the keys that you propose are essential. They are part of all these things which have been systematically under our noses or within us but which we no longer see because of the continual neurosis into which our perpetually insane and perverted society plunges us. Your method clearly shows, without complexity, that it is a matter of will, a daily effort  to keep them in view and to make them our own with constant renewal in the here and now. »

Cyrille Chaussepied

« The BGGB method is a way of understanding that it takes little things to be happy! Remain natural to love yourself in order to love others! A smiling face is always appreciated. A little hand which offers you a little flower, a lovely image.

This is happiness! Enjoy every moment of life, thinking we are lucky to be alive! We must fully absorb the BGGB method for discovering truths that we tend to hide, sometimes deliberately, because it suits us, and sometimes unintentionally!

1/ love: to love oneself is a respect of being which allows the other to love
2/ success: it’s the personal desire to change the way of life
3/ to succeed in life: it’s a constant struggle with bad memories: if you want you can
4/ every moment of life is precious, it’s up to us to use it wisely
5/ anxiety!: not always easy to avoid, but sometimes you have to force yourself to ignore it if you want to live normally

The method reveals many opportunities given to us to be happy. PLEASE READ AND RE-READ »

Bernadette Vermeersch

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