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Definition of  coaching

Individual coaching refers to a shared process by which an individual (the client) seeks the aid of a mentor/facilitator to acompany them during the development of one or more aspects of their professional or personal life. The process aims to bring the client gradually to a position whre they can play, as fully as possible, their own part, in relation relevant to their professional & personal environment.

At whom is the coaching aimed

At everyone who, aware of their personal responsibility for their own development, wishes to give themselves the means to express the best of their potential, in accordance with their basic motivations, in their own personal and professional context.
It is possible to provide coaching at many different stages of a person’s personal and professional development and it is useful to individuals engaged in fields of activity as diverse as:

  • Companies and the commercial  world in general
  • Private individuals
  • The public service
  • The professions
  • Amateur or professional sport
  • Artistic cultural and creative activities.

When do we call for coaching?

The call for coaching arises generally around a stage in development:

  • It is an important decision to take, involving a personal or professional choice with full knowledge of the facts, and may arise as a wish to be accompanied in a structured way during a key period of one’s development
  • To optimise direction and development over the longer term on new levels of responsibility, of fame, or personal or professional status
  • To activate one’s best to target an objective or a specific project
  • If after success in one’s first role one is moving to a different career, a competative redeployment, or a new business start-up.

It also arises when one has the will to reinvest to the best of one’s potential in a different context, following the perception of an obstacle or a difficulty to be overcome:

  • As a consequence of feeling that nothing is going as well as it should despite the capacities of the individual and the opportunities of the environment
  • Because of discontent linked to recurrent problems which stand in the way of development (problem of personal effectiveness, difficulties linked to stress, interpersonal difficulties, lack of self confidence or low self esteem fear of winning, giving up when a setback occurs success.

Coaching provides non controlling support with the intention of helping you to reach a personal or professional target.
With the help of the coach, you clarify the objective which you wish to achieve and the stages which will take you there. You define the agenda of the coaching according to the targets you have settled on. You draw inspiration from remarks of the coach, to point yourself in the right direction and to take advantage of the resources at your disposal. You play an active part in this journey since you alone have the capaciity  to know, and to accomplish, what you want.

Every session is an opportunity: the co-creation of a space of development at your disposal. Your active participation is fundamental  in constructing a context, being willing to accept change.

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